Maroque Morocco moves to Bury St Edmunds

From staff achievements to expansion – how you can get your business story promoted

So here’s how it sometimes happens.

A few weeks ago I got a call from a lovely lady called Julie who had relocated her Moroccan-themed business, Maroque, to Bury St Edmunds and wanted a press release written announcing the news.

I went to her new premises on the Moreton Hall estate to meet her and explain my press release process (largely interviewing, researching, writing, signing off and sending out).Maroque coverage in Bury Mercury-page cropped

Being delightfully PR savvy, Julie understood the importance of a good image to go with the press release and I was able to assist with that also. I always explain that I am not a professional photographer, but I know how to take photos that appear in the local and regional media.

The press release and photo was sent out to all local media and quickly appeared in the business section of the EADT and Bury Free Press as well as the Ipswich Star and Bury Mercury.

The whole process was painless and reasonably quick (overall just a few hours work – and I charge by the hour) and shows the importance of employing a professional to get your business the right kind of coverage.

So if you have got a story to tell, a new business, an expansion, a celebration of corporate or individual achievement, give me a call and get in touch today.